2013 NTIA Investments


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Description and Outcomes

Broadband Adoption and Awareness

2-1-1 California /
United Ways of California
Broadband Awareness and Adoption

2.5 Years

Informed individuals seeking health and human services about digital literacy education and broadband resources in their community. Screened 227,181 callers statewide; referred more than 44,052 people to training programs; and assisted 7,478 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Access Now
Computer Help Days

2 Years

Hosted 28 community Computer Help Days in 7 counties to repair old equipment, offer subsidized refurbished equipment, provide hands-on computer training, introduce meaningful online resources. Trained 102 adults in basic computer and Internet navigation skills and repaired 640 computers. Helped 97 households subscribe to broadband.

Center for Accessible Technology
Assistive Technology Coalition

2 Years

Launched website for the Accessible Technology Coalition (atcoalition.org) to help people with disabilities and those who work with them make informed decisions about assistive technology. The website has had 73,204 unique visitors and 229,983 page views. The coalition trained 2,173 adults and anchor institutions on assistive technology and helped 66 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Chicana/Latina Foundation
Broadband Awareness and Adoption Project

2.5 Years

Recruited young leaders as broadband ambassadors to reach into under-performing schools and trained 752 youth in basic computer skills and help their families adopt broadband. Trained 2,008 residents in digital literacy, distributed 1,076 computers and helped 1,054 subscribe to broadband.

Dewey Square Group
Broadband Awareness and Adoption

2.5 Years

Worked with 1,200 churches and La Opinion to train 630,041 people in digital literacy and helped 140,800 people subscribe to broadband. Developed an online map of free Internet hotspots and directory of computer courses.

Latino Community Foundation
Broadband Awareness and Adoption

2.5 Years

Mobilized a network of 8 community based organizations to provide digital literacy training to limited-English speaking families in 5 Bay Area counties. Trained 4,412 adults in basic computer skills and Internet literacy. Assisted 545 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Radio Bilingüe
Broadband Awareness and Adoption

2.5 Years

Reached out to rural farm worker communities in the state’s interior to educate their 60,000 listeners (primarily mono-lingual Spanish speakers) about the benefits of broadband and how to subscribe: broadcasted 112 hours of live call-in programs addressing Digital Divide issues; produced and broadcast 92 announcements; attracted 457,118 unique website visits; and achieved over 1,000,000 radio impressions per quarter. Helped 1,234 low-income families subscribe to broadband.

Social Interest Solutions

1.5 Years

Integrated broadband awareness and resource information into One-e-App, an online tool designed to help people navigate public assistance programs by themselves, with help from a call center or Certified Application Assistant (CAAs). Trained CAAs helped people access computer training and other resources to help them subscribe to broadband and purchase low-cost computers. Referred 222,496 people to training programs, trained 79,847 to apply online for benefits and assisted 2,031 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Access to Careers in Technology

California Resources and Training
Small Business Broadband Initiative

1.5 Years

Train 15,000 small business owners in basic and advanced computer business applications. Assist businesses in starting or expanding their business to add 750 jobs. Train 20 small business support organizations to assist clients subscribe to broadband services.

Caminos Pathways
Pathways Learning Center of San Francisco

1.5 Years

Trained 1,495 low-income Latinas from the San Francisco Mission District in digital literacy, job readiness, Microsoft Office certifications, and how to subscribe to broadband.

Job Training and Support Programs

1.5 Years

Trained 1,083 low-income and homeless people in Los Angeles in basic digital literacy and job skills and placed 731 participants in jobs. Among those trained 684 are new users who regularly use public computer centers.

EmpowerNet California
IT Training Academy

1.5 Years

Help 30 non-profit organizations throughout California launch information technology-focused job training and placement programs for more than 350 unemployed low-income adults. Place 180 participants in jobs and help 60 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Goodwill Industries of
San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties

1.5 Years

Train more than 1,000 low-income individuals in computer literacy and entry-level computer technician proficiency, resulting in 250 job placements. Help 75 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Mission Economic Development Agency
Broadband and Certifications

1 Year

Train more than 110 low-income Latino individuals in information and communication technology (ICT) certification resulting. Assist 70 participants in achieving certifications and place 24 participants in jobs utilizing their ICT skills.

Eastmont Technology Center

1.5 Years

Train 3,005 low-income individuals in job readiness skills at its Eastmont Computing Center and place 30 individuals in information technology jobs. Help 550 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

San Diego Futures Foundation
San Diego Broadband Initiative

1.5 Years

Help 6,560 families subscribe to broadband, and provide support services including affordable computer equipment and digital literacy training to these individuals. Train 3,210 people in basic digital literacy and job skills, and place 174 individuals in local jobs.

Southeast Community Development Corporation
Southeast Community Technology Collaborative

1.5 Years

Train 150 individuals in certification-based advanced computer proficiencies at 4 regional technology training centers in the Southeast area of Los Angeles, provide digital literacy education to 2,700 community residents, and connect 550 households to broadband.

Stride Center
Technical Training Program

1.5 Years

Train 481 underserved adults, resulting in more than 361 information technology job placements. Help more than 64 households subscribe to broadband.

The ACME Network
Arts and Animation Project

1.5 Years

Trained 9,103 youth, 748 parents, and 134 teachers in an innovative online training and mentoring program. Assisted 535 low-income households subscribe to broadband.

Youth Radio
Youth Radio Digital Pathway – Core and Bridge Classes

1.5 Years

Trained 298 Oakland youth in digital technologies, media production, and social media networking. Certified 44 participants and placed 50 participants in jobs using their digital skills. Assisted 184 families subscribe to broadband at home.