Consumer Use

Seniors Working on Computer

Consumer adoption and use of broadband technology-referred to as "demand" metrics-is one of the components of broadband adoption that is being addressed by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF).  Consumer use is impacted by four of the "5As" of Adoption:  Applications, Affordability, Accessibility and Assistance.

CETF has partnered with the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) and ZeroDivide to conduct an Annual Survey of Californians for five years regarding the adoption and use of broadband and other information technology.  The first inaugural survey was conducted and released in June 2008 (PPIC Statewide Survey:  Californians and Information Technology).  The survey results show that there is still a substantial Digital Divide in California, particularly for lower-income, non-English speaking, Latino and disabled residents.  For example, 33% of households under $40,000 annual income and 34% of Latinos have adopted broadband versus 55% of all Californians.  CETF is dedicated to working to narrow that gap and will rely upon the PPIC Annual Survey as a primary tool to measure progress.