Board and Staff

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Dr. Barbara O'Connor
Professor Emeritus
California State University, Sacramento
Retired, National Board of Directors AARP

Richard Motta
Retired Vice President


Melinda White
Transit Wireless
Retired Region President
Frontier Communications

Reneé P. Martinez
President Emeritus
Los Angeles City College

Jeff Campbell
Vice President, The Americas
Global Government Affairs
Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Honorable Martha M. Escutia
Former California State Senator
Vice President Government Relations
University of Southern California

Jim Kirkland
General Counsel
Trimble Inc.

Timothy J. McCallion
Adjunct Professor
California State University Los Angeles
Retired President - West Region, Verizon

Darrell J. Stewart
Public Sector Manager
Intel Corporation

Dorian Traube, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dworak-Peck School of Social Work
University of Southern California (USC)

Barb Johnston Yellowlees
HealthLinkNow Inc.

President and CEO
Sunne Wright McPeak
California Emerging Technology Fund

Barbara O'Connor, Chair
Richard Motta, Treasurer
Melinda White, Secretary
Reneé P. Martinez, Vice Chair

Tim McCallion, Chair
Jeff Campbell
Melinda White
Milton Chen

Barb Johnston, Chair
Darrell Stewart
Renee Martinez
Dorian Traube





CETF Staff
Sunne Wright McPeak President and CEO
Susan Walters Senior Vice President
Alana O'Brien Vice President Operations
Gladys Palpallatoc Associate Vice President
Dino Nartea Program Assistant
Nadine Hugg Communications Associate
Marissa Canche Adoptions Manager
Debbie Shireman Digital Inclusion Director
Charlene Tatis San José Digital Inclusion Partnership Director
Larry Best Neighborhood Transformation Director

School2Home Team
Agustin Urgiles Executive Manager
Raquel Cinat Associate Vice President
Renee Hill Senior Program Advisor
Rosa Guerrero Senior Program Manager
Benjamin Dylan Porter Senior Program Manager

Professional Services
Patricia Ahazie Core Bookkeeping Solutions
Melinda Guzman General Counsel
Rachelle Chong Special Counsel
Mary Anne Ostrom Communications Advisor
Leticia Alejandrez LA 20/20 Consulting Solutions, LLC