Progress Report

CETF has diligently worked to close the Digital Divide in California since we began operations in 2007.  CETF has partnered with and supported leadership from the Governor’s Administration, Legislature, California Public Utilities Commission, Regional Consortia, Local Governments, Civic Leadership Groups, and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to make measurable progress.  CETF serves as a “Catalyst for Action”—hence the title of our 2017 Decade Report which sets forth our Strategic Action Plan and chronicles the accomplishments during the first 10 years.

In light of recent emergencies and crises—devastating wildfires, public safety power shut-offs, and a health pandemic that closed schools and workplaces sending everyone home—there is a deeper sense of urgency among policymakers and regulators to get everyone online—especially rural communities and tribal lands, low-income households, and other digitally-disadvantaged populations.  The sobering reality is that Unconnected and Underconnected residents are not only at a distinct disadvantage for educational and economic opportunities, but their very public safety also is at risk because they are not online. That is why CETF calls Digital Access a 21st Century Civil Right and continues to forge ahead with focus and accountability in the Quest for Digital Equity.