Public Policy Initiatives

The pace at which the Digital Divide can be closed is significantly determined by the policy environment in which grantmaking and other strategies are employed.  CETF launched major policy initiatives to accelerate broadband adoption, and worked with stakeholders throughout the state to promote innovative practice to integrate broadband and computing technologies into strategic solutions and major initiatives.  CETF also advanced public policy through the regulatory process as a legal party before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to secure affordable broadband rates and public benefits for broadband deployment and adoption. In addition, CETF serves on the California Broadband Council, the official forum for continued promotion and oversight of public policies to accelerate broadband deployment and adoption. The following summarizes each public policy initiative and highlights major Results.

CETF Public Policy Initiatives Provide a positive public policy environment to optimize the impact of grants and to accelerate broadband adoption, including participation in regulatory proceedings to secure affordable broadband for all households.

  • Digital Literacy: Executive Order and Action Plan; Workforce Training Policy; Career Pathways and ICT Partnerships
  • School2Home: Technology and Parent Engagement Integrated into Teaching and Learning for Low-Performing Middle Schools as Centerpiece for Neighborhood Transformation
  • California Telehealth Network: Medically-Underserved Rural and Urban Communities Connected to Medical Centers for Access, Quality of Care, and Cost Savings
  • Smart Housing: State and Federal Policy to Connect All Publicly-Supported Housing; Tool Kit; Partnership with Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles; National Housing Conference; HUD ConnectHome
  • Smart Communities: Smart Infrastructure Policy; Resource Guide for Local and Regional Government Leaders; Broadband as a Green Strategy; Local Government Roundtable
  • Affordable Broadband: FCC Broadband Lifeline; Public Benefits in Corporate Consolidations
Digital Divide hearing testimony: Rob Osborne, Sunne McPeak, Carlos Ramos, Cathy Sandoval sit a panel talbe in fornt of spectators
CETF Partners visit FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel : Zach Leverenz; Olga Talamante; Jessica Rosenworce; Joel Parker and Susan Walters
Los Angeles City Council unanimously adopt Internet For All Now Resolution and hold IFANs: Diana Rodriguez;; Marqueese Harris-Dawson; Bob Blumenfield; Herb Wesson; Norma Fernandez; Agustin Urgiles
Senator Bill Dodd discussed the need for high-speed Internet access in his district with CETF Treasurer Rich Motta and Senior Vice President Susan Walters.
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