Digital Inclusion Champions

People are the heart of success for the California Emerging Technology Fund.  There is no substitute for leadership—individuals in all segments of the community and at all levels of government taking personal responsibility to make something happen.  From the very beginning, CETF identified building partnerships with community leaders as a bedrock concept in its Strategic Action Plan.  That evolved into “Civic Leader Engagement” as the first of the 5 Overall Strategies.  In 2007, CETF conducted intense Fact Finding Meetings to listen to community organizations, civic leaders, and local government officials to gather input about strategies and best practices in Digital Inclusion.  This process underscored the magnitude of the challenges and reinforced the premise that CETF had to “invest in people” to accomplish its mission—support existing leaders with commitment and passion as Digital Champions and develop their organizational capacity to promote Digital Inclusion. It was clear that CETF must become a Catalyst for Action while relying on many other people as pioneers and trailblazers to complete the job of closing the Digital Divide.  The section honors the People who have made a difference over the last decade in advancing Digital Inclusion for the future of California.

Oakland Mayor<br>Libby Schaff portfolio thumbnail

Oakland Mayor
Libby Schaff

  • Community Leaders
San José Mayor<br>Sam Liccardo portfolio thumbnail

San José Mayor
Sam Liccardo

  • Community Leaders
Southeast Community<br>Development Corporation<br>Cesar Zaldivar-Motts portfolio thumbnail

Southeast Community
Development Corporation
Cesar Zaldivar-Motts

  • Neighborhood Transformation
YMCA Greater Long Beach<br>Vice President<br>Community Development<br>Bob Cabeza (Retired) portfolio thumbnail

YMCA Greater Long Beach
Vice President
Community Development
Bob Cabeza (Retired)

  • Neighborhood Transformation
Former FCC Commissioner<br>Mignon Clyburn portfolio thumbnail

Former FCC Commissioner
Mignon Clyburn

  • Federal
Former State Superintendent<br>of Public Instruction<br>Tom Torlakson portfolio thumbnail

Former State Superintendent
of Public Instruction
Tom Torlakson

  • School2Home
Instructional Designer<br>Educational Strategist<br>Ken Shelton portfolio thumbnail

Instructional Designer
Educational Strategist
Ken Shelton

  • School2Home
LAUSD Instructional Technology Initiative Director<br>Sophia Mendoza portfolio thumbnail

LAUSD Instructional Technology Initiative Director
Sophia Mendoza

  • School2Home
State Superintendent<br>of Public Instruction<br>Tony Thurmond portfolio thumbnail

State Superintendent
of Public Instruction
Tony Thurmond

  • School2Home
  • State
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers portfolio thumbnail

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

  • Community Leaders
Former State Superintendent<br>of Public Instruction<br>Delaine Eastin portfolio thumbnail

Former State Superintendent
of Public Instruction
Delaine Eastin

  • School2Home
  • State
UCLA<br>Graduate School of Education & Information Studies<br>Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion<br>Dr. Tyrone Howard portfolio thumbnail

Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion
Dr. Tyrone Howard

  • Neighborhood Transformation
Contra Costa County Supervisor<br>John Gioia portfolio thumbnail

Contra Costa County Supervisor
John Gioia

  • Neighborhood Transformation
School2Home Coordinator<br>Pamela Stiles portfolio thumbnail

School2Home Coordinator
Pamela Stiles

    Valley Vision<br>Managing Director<br>Trish Kelly portfolio thumbnail

    Valley Vision
    Managing Director
    Trish Kelly

    • Neighborhood Transformation
    Community Development Technologies Center portfolio thumbnail

    Community Development Technologies Center

    • VialAwards
    Southeast Community Development Corp portfolio thumbnail

    Southeast Community Development Corp

    • Community Leaders
    California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) portfolio thumbnail

    California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

    • Test Category
    Inland Empire<br>Regional Broadband Consortium<br>Manager<br>Martha van Rooijen portfolio thumbnail

    Inland Empire
    Regional Broadband Consortium
    Martha van Rooijen

    • Community Leaders
    The ACME Network portfolio thumbnail

    The ACME Network

    • VialAwards
    The ACME Network<br>Executive Director<br>Deborah Brooks portfolio thumbnail

    The ACME Network
    Executive Director
    Deborah Brooks

    • VialAwards
    USC Rossier School of Education<br>Dean<br>Dr. Pedro A. Noguera portfolio thumbnail

    USC Rossier School of Education
    Dr. Pedro A. Noguera

    • School2Home
    • Neighborhood Transformation