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Internet for All Now is a campaign of the California Emerging Technology Fund and partners.  The goal of Internet for All Now is to demand that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) take two critical steps to help close the Digital Divide.

First, establish an inclusive Broadband Lifeline Program that addresses the 3 primary barriers to broadband adoption: (1) Cost; (2) Relevance; and (3) Digital Literacy.

    • Establishment of an affordable high-speed Internet service plan for all low-income households offered by and through all broadband providers (in the $10/month range) with sufficient speeds and a wireless modem for compatibility with school-issued devices
    • Capitalization of an independent fund to support community-based organizations (CBOs), schools and libraries (as “trusted messengers”) to assist in enrolling eligible low-income households and participate in true public-private partnerships:

―   Amount of capitalization and length of time set according to adopted goals for broadband adoption (such as 80% broadband adoption by 2020).

―   Administered through state regulatory commissions that opt-in (a multi-state fund for rest of nation) with fund managers selected
through an open, competitive process.

―   Performance-based grants with accountability for results.

      • Establishment of an oversight advisory body to ensure transparency and accountability with a broad base of stakeholders and community leaders knowledgeable about broadband adoption.

And second, require corporate consolidations to improve and expand affordable home Internet service if it approves proposed mergers.

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