Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth the practices in effect at California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) to protect the privacy of its website visitors, financial supporters, grant recipients and grant applicants.


CETF uses electronic security systems to protect any records containing personal identifying information and limits the number of people who have access to such information. Business partners with whom CETF may share personal information during the course of usual business must abide by confidentiality agreements, which forbid the disclosure of any personal identifying information to additional parties.


CETF wants you to have positive experiences at its website and to understand your privacy rights while on its site. If you do not agree with the terms outlined below, please do not access the CETF website.

Non-Personal Identifying Information

CETF collects and uses non-personal identifying information, including IP addresses and web server log files. It also uses “cookies,” small pieces of information used to identify individual computers accessing a website.

CETF uses this information only in the aggregate. It does not combine non-personal identifying information with personal identifying information, commonly known as “online profiling.” At no time is personal information stored in a cookie.

CETF collects non-personal identifying information from websites in the aggregate. It uses this information to assess aggregate visitor volume and interest, i.e. which site pages are being visited most frequently.

CETF might share aggregated, non-identifying, demographic information about the websites usage with its supporters and partners. For example, CETF might disclose to its donors that 100,000 people visited cetfund.org in a given year.

Personal Identifying Information

If you voluntarily provide personal identifying information (such as a first and last name, physical address including a street name, e-mail address, etc.) through online forms, CETF will collect and retain this information.

The personal identifying information will be used to establish the identity of account holders in order to respond to inquiries or to deliver requested information or services. For example, if you subscribe to one or more CETF e-newsletters, CETF may store your name and e-mail address and send the requested e-newsletters to the e-mail address.

CETF does not make personal identifying information gathered on its websites available to other organizations, but may share information with business partners, in the usual course of business. For example, CETF may use a third-party vendor to electronically distribute its e-newsletters. In order to send the e-newsletters, CETF must share the e-mail address of subscribers with the vendor. Vendors that provide such services are obligated only to use this information for the purposes for which CETF directs them to use it, namely, providing services directly for CETF.


This policy applies only to the cetfund.org and its affiliated domain www.internetforallnow.org . CETF does not control the privacy policies of other websites to which this website might link.


California Emerging Technology Fund is committed to maintaining the confidence and trust of its financial supporters.

CETF collects the personal information that supporters provide. After someone donates to CETF, his or her information is added to CETF’s donor list. CETF uses this information to keep donors informed about the progress of its programs through print and online mailings and to encourage donors’ continued financial support of its work.

CETF shares donor information with business partners as required in the usual course of business. For example, CETF may use a vendor to assist in the generation and distribution of written communications to donors. Vendors that provide such services are obligated only to use this information for the purposes for which CETF directs them to use it, namely, providing services directly for CETF.

CETF makes its donor list available through publication of its Annual Report. If you are a CETF supporter and do not want your information used in this way, simply send a request that your donation be listed anonymously by emailing our offices as provided below.

Grant Recipients or Grant Applicants

To avoid confidentiality problems inherent in unencrypted email, CETF does not answer grant requests submitted by email. Your submission of personal information, whether through this site or otherwise, does not in and of itself result in or create any contractual relationship between you and CETF.

We recognize that our clients expect privacy and security for the nonpublic information they provide to us. If you choose to submit nonpublic proprietary or personal information to us via this site, we may use your nonpublic proprietary or personal information in accordance with this privacy statement, until such time as you ask us to stop.

This statement does not address any other information exchanges between you and CETF, including information gathered by us in the course of a client relationship (if any) between you and CETF, or information gathered by us from you on behalf of our client(s).

General Statements

CETF reserves the right to modify the privacy statement at any time and without notice. CETF does not knowingly collect, distribute, or store information for children under the age of 13, and will remove all such information once identified or discovered.

Although CETF does not currently provide service directly to residents of California, it must be noted that in California the “Shine the Light” law must permits residents to contact organizations that provide them services, up to once a year and free of charge, in order to obtain information on all third party organizations that their personal information was shared with.

Finally, CETF does not request or store social security numbers, or medical information, or other such highly sensitive personal information.

The CETF privacy statement is available online at https://www.cetfund.org/privacy-policy or can be received electronically or via the USPS upon request.

Contact Information

Please direct all questions, comments, and/or privacy requests to:

Nadine Hugg

P.O. Box 5897

Concord, California,  94524



Version 2.01, December 18, 2020