Smart Communities

Smart Communities refers to a policy commitment and focused effort by local governments and civic leaders to optimize broadband deployment as a community grows or redevelops, incorporating it into major public buildings, transportation facilities, and other infrastructure projects.  It also means optimizing the use of broadband and other information technologies to deliver public services and integrating it into solutions to major problems to increase efficiency and enhance quality of life.  CETF has published several reports that are considered significant reference materials for policymakers and continues to facilitate public policy forums.

Highlights of Results:
  • CETF partnered with Community Partners, California Community Technology Policy Group, and Broadband Institute of California (Santa Clara University School of Law) to compile case studies of municipal wireless projects and published a report that continues as a vital resource for local governments considering public networks: Wired for Wireless: Towards Next Generation Digital Inclusion and Next Generation Government-Led Wireless Networks.
  • CETF and the Center for a New Orange County compiled and analyzed county and city policies and ordinances on broadband and prepared a sample policy: Getting Connected for Economic Prosperity and Quality of Life: A Resource Guide for Local and Regional Government Leaders to Promote Broadband Deployment and Adoption.
  • CETF and Valley Vision collaborated on a compendium of research and literature about broadband as a “green strategy” and published a summary report to promote Smart Communities titled: Can the Internet Help Save the Environment? YES.
  • CETF funded the Inland Empire Economic Partnership and the Inland Empire Regional Broadband Consortium to incorporate broadband into planning, education, workforce preparation, healthcare, and housing to brand the Inland Empire as a “Smart Region.”
  • CETF has submitted testimony to the California Air Resources Board and California Transportation Commission urging incorporation of broadband deployment and adoption as an integral strategy to achieving their missions.  CETF will continue to work to “institutionalize” the Smart Communities concept into policies and programs of existing public agencies.