Strategic Action Plans

The work of CETF is guided by a Strategic Action Plan adopted by the Board of Directors after a thorough assessment of existing research and an intense statewide listening and fact finding process to determine “what works” in closing the Digital Divide.  The CETF Strategic Action Plan set forth a FOCUS on outcomes that foster a disciplined culture to achieve RESULTS powered by the engagement of PEOPLE.

CETF is driven by the overall goals for success in closing the Digital Divide: 98% deployment of broadband infrastructure and 80% adoption of high-speed Internet access at home. All strategies and activities are aligned to these goals and performance is measured by whether or not these goals are achieved. It was recognized that “supply” (deployment) and “demand” (adoption) are interrelated: deployment of broadband infrastructure is necessary for residents to have access, a prerequisite for adoption and expressed demand; and consumer demand for high-speed Internet service spurs supply by supporting infrastructure construction.  Success in closing the Digital Divide requires attention to both sides of the equation and an understanding of their dynamic relationship.

Girl at Computer training with a huge smile