Closing the Digital Divide: A Breakthrough Year

Broadband is essential 21st Century infrastructure for economic prosperity, as critical as the roads and airports for keeping California moving. It is a key factor in attracting small businesses to revive aging town centers and cutting-edge companies to generate thousands of jobs. From El Centro to Arcata, Monterey to Mono County, no community can afford to be left behind.

The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) has spurred significant progress by working on the ground with more than 100 grassroots groups, foundations and government partners to get Californians connected to broadband. In the realm of public policy, CETF has conveyed to state and national leaders that it is critical to “connect the dots” with a set of coherent strategies to leverage resources and optimize the benefits of providing ubiquitous broadband.

CETF is sharing data, experience and the know-how that only comes from working in the trenches with policymakers, opinion leaders and public interest groups to promote leadership, to seize momentum and to finish the job of bridging the Digital Divide.