Local Government Roundtables

The purpose of the Regional Roundtables is to reach agreement among civic leaders on strategies to promote adoption of broadband technologies within key urban regions of California where the infrastructure already is widely deployed. The Regional Roundtables bring together a broad cross-section of 25-40 leaders from civic organizations whose primary mission is not broadband technology but who represent and promote the “3E”: Prosperous Economy; Quality Environment; and Social Equity.

The Regional Roundtables conversations built upon the accomplishments and existing initiatives within each region-tailoring the conversation to the unique circumstances and assets for the specific area. The discussion topics during the Regional Roundtables focused on the following questions:

  • What are the major gaps in broadband availability and digital literacy?
  • What are the targets of opportunity and assets for the application of broadband access and use, such as economic and small business development, e-health and telemedicine, distance learning and workforce development, e-government solutions and services, “green” strategies, community revitalization and emergency services?
  • What are the kinds of public policies, plans and ordinances that regions and local governments can adopt to promote broadband infrastructure deployment and digital inclusion, such as in regional blueprints, local general plans, public works projects, economic development strategies, and government services?
  • What other strategies and actions are needed from regional public and private sector partners to advance broadband infrastructure and applications?
  • How can CETF and the State of California assist the region?