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Call for Letters of Interest
Promotion of Affordable Internet Service Offers in Los Angeles County
August 2017

The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) is inviting interested persons to submit Letters of Interest to help promote affordable Internet service offers in Los Angeles County. CETF is a statewide non-profit organization with the mission to close the Digital Divide in California. CETF is pursuing several strategies to inform low-income households about available affordable high-speed Internet subscriptions by partnering with local governments and public agencies to institutionalize Digital Inclusion. CETF is seeking an experienced individual to engage senior administrators and other key personnel to develop and implement a plan for distribution of information about affordable Internet offers and assessment of the results.

The Scope of Services shall include these specific tasks and deliverable:

  • Become familiar with all aspects of available affordable broadband offers in Los Angeles County: AT&T, Charter (Spectrum), and Mobile Citizen (and T-Mobile which must be through an agreement with a school district).
  • Work with CETF to establish support from an experienced organization to help low-income households seeking assistance in digital literacy and signing up for affordable subscriptions.
  • Reach out to key institutions to explain the project and affordable broadband opportunities, including: Los Angeles County (and human services departments and health organizations); school districts (focus on Los Angeles Unified School District and Los Angeles County Office of Education); and community-based organizations (especially safety-net health facilities). Introduce company representatives to the institution officials.
  • Engage key institutions to secure written commitments to partner in distribution of information about affordable broadband offers, develop a plan and schedule for information distribution and monitoring responses, and cooperate in implementation. (It is planned that some information can be distributed by school districts to students before the end of 2017.)
  • Establish working relationship with local representatives of the provider companies to explain the project, invite their collaboration and obtain their feedback and input, secure sufficient amounts of collateral materials, confirm their availability for the implementation of the work plan including developing a process for tracking results, and facilitate ongoing communications and coordination.
  • Draft communications on behalf of CETF to key institutions to establish a working relationship and document the responses and positions of prospective partners.
  • Engage and coordinate with the Los Angeles Region Broadband Consortium to assist in developing the project and promoting affordable broadband offers.
  • Use social media mobilization through IFAN website to engage key stakeholders.
  • Oversee implementation and ensure ongoing working relationships with the key institutions.
  • Arrange for meetings as needed among CETF and partners.
  • Monitor and track implementation and prepare monthly progress reports.
  • Comply with CETF policies and quality performance standards.
  • Prepare and submit a Final Report by June 30, 2018.Quality Performance Requirements

As a valued member of the CETF team, each employee and contractor is expected to: work cooperatively with team members and others; treat others fairly, honestly and with respect; and adhere to the highest possible code of ethics. In addition, each team member is expected to:

  • Achieve the highest-possible standards for performance and quality of work products, including clarity, coherence and consistency in articulating an overall vision and direction for the program responsibilities and duties.
  • Produce highest-possible quality written documents consistent with the CETF Writing Style Guidelines and universally-recognized rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling to ensure maximum effectiveness in communications.
  • Perform efficiently under specified timeframes and with the highest-possible quality work, including managing numerous tasks simultaneously and continuing to strive to succeed regardless of the hurdles or the number of times it takes to achieve the goals.
  • Demonstrate attention to detail and consistently meet deadlines.
  • Ensure effective use of funds and adherence to guidelines.
  • Represent well the organization and effectively speak in public to organizations, stakeholders and prospective partners or investors.
  • Operate a computer proficiently using Word, PowerPoint and Excel (PC/Windows platform).
  • Comply with all policies adopted by the Board, including but not limited to: Code of Ethical Conduct; Nondiscrimination Policy; Conflict of Interest Policy; Indemnification Agreement; and Drug-Free Workplace Policy.

Request for Letters of Interest

Interested persons enthusiastic about assisting low-income households to get connected are invited to submit the following information to the California Emerging Technology Fund at
both office locations below (qualified applicants will be interviewed as submissions are received):

  • Letter of Interest (which concisely addresses the following questions):
    • Why are you interested in assisting low-income households get connected?
    • What are the most valuable skills and experiences that you would bring to this role?
    • What do you think will be the biggest challenges and opportunities in the Scope of Services?
  • Resume (with compensation history from last 3 previous positions).
  • References (names and full contact information for 3 relevant work experience).

California Emerging Technology Fund
The Petroleum Building
714 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 924
Los Angeles, California 90015-4133
Attention: Raquel Cinat (raquel.cinat@cetfund.org)

California Emerging Technology Fund
The Hearst Building
5 Third Street, Suite 320
San Francisco, California 94103
Attention: Dino Nartea dino.nartea@cetfund.or



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