Broadband Access

Ethernet Cable Plugging in to Globe

Broadband access or deployment of the infrastructure-referred to as "supply" metrics-is one of the components of broadband adoption that is being addressed by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF).  Access is the first of the "5As" of Adoption.

CETF assisted the Governor's California Broadband Task Force in mapping the current status of broadband access in the state and found that providers report that broadband is available to 96% of California residents.  Only 4% of the population, or about 1.4 million residents, living in rural and remote area do not have access today.  However, the unserved portion of California is a significant percentage of the state geography.  Thus, broadband access for rural and remote areas remains a priority challenge for CETF and California.

Please see the maps showing broadband access in California.  Progress towards increasing access and achieving ubiquitous high-speed access to the Internet will be reported in the section.

Statewide Availability Map