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California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) maintains a fully accessible office in downtown San Francisco, within one block of a MUNI stop and one block of BART. In Los Angeles the office is in the California Endowment building which is within one block of Union Station and across the street from the Downtown Dash Route B stop at Ord St. in front of Philippe's restaurant.

CETF conducts all meetings and other business in a fully accessible manner. Sign language interpreters and materials in alternate formats are available upon request. CETF is continuously working to insure that our website is compliant with Level 2 WAI standards for accessibility.

CETF embraces diversity on all levels, especially employment. CETF will make all reasonable accommodations for new employees or those returning to work after an illness or injury.

Achieving accessibility is a process. CETF welcomes input on improving access from members of the community. Please contact Susan Walters, with any questions or suggestions.


The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) Board of Directors has identified people with disabilities as one of three priority consumer communities for initial focus. The power of technology to transform people's lives is most dramatic in this group because it makes everything else possible -- education, employment, civic and market participation.

CETF recognizes that people with disabilities are a significant part of every community. While the incidence of disability (visible or invisible) in the general population is 20%, it is higher in the other CETF priority communities: Rural and Remote Areas; and Urban Disadvantaged Neighborhoods.

In addition to making program investments in the disability community, CETF supports all of its grantees in serving their entire community, including people with disabilities. Accessibility is everyone's responsibility.

For grantees of the California Emerging Technology Fund, it is critical that programs be flexible enough to meet the needs of the widest possible range of users, including people with vision, hearing, dexterity, mobility, cognitive, learning or reading-related limitations.

CETF expects its grantees to work toward optimal accessibility. To support that goal, CETF will provide training and technical assistance to grantees. All grantees will be required to complete an Access Improvement Plan within the first six months of funding. Grantees will then be expected to reach identified objectives during the grant period.


Most web browsers support jumping to specific links by typing access keys defined on the web site.

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