Key Steps

Key Steps to Develop a Neighborhood Transformation Strategic Action Plan
  1. Identify low-income priority neighborhood(s) (jurisdiction) with low broadband adoption coupled with dedicated government and civic leaders (leadership is pivotal and essential).
  2. Secure commitments from school district to implement a school-improvement initiative that integrates technology into the teaching and learning with an emphasis on parent engagement and education (such as School2Home).
  3. Identify and engage community partners (CBOs) to achieve goals for broadband adoption. Schedule and conduct briefing meetings to document interest and prospective contribution.
  4. Brief county and city elected officials and other policymakers to secure their commitments and obtain agreements on target timeframes (including collection of data on case loads).
  5. Gather county, city and school data and information on case loads in neighborhood.
  6. Document and memorialize all the contacts and commitments in written communications.
  7. Formulate a framework for an Action Plan and get concurrence, collaboration for a work plan.
  8. Incorporate CETF contribution: (a) promote broadband adoption and engage CBO partner; (b) establish School2Home program; and (c) facilitate formation of Integrated Services Teams.
  9. Establish a Steering Committee to oversee implementation of the Action Plan with regular meetings to drive progress (at least quarterly).
  10. Launch implementation (complement with triple bottom-line investments if possible).

The order of the above Key Steps can be altered. For example, an initiative can begin with city and/or county leadership that then engages the school district, or through a convening by a state or federal elected official or prominent civic leader / civic leadership organization.

Data gathering also can be a first step to ensure that all prospective partners are on the same page. However, it is essential that all partners and participants understand and embrace at the beginning of the process the imperative for action and the focus on tangible, measureable results.