Community Scan and Assessment

Community Scan and Assessment for a Neighborhood Transformation

The purpose of the Community Scan and Assessment is to both “inform” neighborhood stakeholders about the Neighborhood Transformation Strategy to promote Digital Inclusion and to “listen” to feedback to learn about the perceptions of the neighborhood and foster engagement by stakeholders and residents. It also is to identify or verify who are the respected community leaders and “trusted messengers” (community-based organizations—CBOs) to engage. The documentation of the process with a summary of the input and an assessment to formulate working conclusions is a discipline to ensure focus and performance. The following is the “critical mass” of activity for the Community Scan and Assessment.

  1. Interview at least 25 people brief them and ask: (a) How important is broadband and computing technologies to their neighborhood and why (just a baseline response question to engage a conversation)? Who are the top 3-5 community leaders they most respect and why? Who are the 3-5 community organizations that they think are the most effective and why?
  2. Identify 10-15 highly respected community leaders.
  3. Identify up to 5 most trusted CBOs (as “trusted messengers”).