Broadband at Home

What does access to Broadband in the home mean to low-income people in California? Better education, expanded economic opportunities and improved health care. One Economy has connected affordable housing residents throughout California to the Internet and trained those residents on their network of public-purpose media properties that focus on important issues such as health, jobs, money and education. Below are some of the ways those residents are using broadband at home to improve their lives.

Better Education

  • Utilizing the Internet for homework help and online tutoring
  • Locating and enrolling in continuing education classes
  • Researching and applying to college and/or other higher education opportunities
  • Learning how to pay for college through scholarships, grants and loans

Expanded Economic Opportunities

  • Learning about and creating business plans
  • Researching and applying for jobs
  • Creating resumes
  • Creating a family budget
  • Filing taxes for free and applying for the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Learning how to write a check

Improved Health Care

  • Researching information on diseases that affect low-income populations like diabetes and alcoholism
  • Finding and evaluating child care
  • Obtaining information on Medicaid