Community Organizations and Legislators Support the T-Mobile Sprint Merger

A Community Letter to Policymakers and Regulators
T-Mobile has made nearly 50 verifiable, enforceable and specific commitments for California as part of the CPUC’s review of the merger, including commitments relating to 5G deployment and network buildout, pricing, jobs, network resiliency and emergency preparedness, digital literacy, diversity and inclusion, and support for LifeLine customers.

A State Legislature Letter to the California Public Utilities Commission
As you and your colleagues on the Commission review the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, we want to convey our support for the combination of these two companies in light of the additional competitive choices for consumers and the many public interest benefits it will bring to our stnte, especially for those who need them most. The companies made important enforceable commitments as part of the merger process, which informs our decision to ask you to find this transaction is in the public interest of all Californians. Among the key reasons we support this transaction.

A State Legislature Letter to the California State Attorney General
The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint presents our state with a substantial opportunity to dramatically reshape the future of the Central Valley, with the promise of new jobs, and expansion of 5G and broadband access across our great State. T-Mobile has made a number of significant and verifiable commitments to our State upon completion of the merger, which we believe bear repeating.