The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) invites you to contribute to one or more charitable public-benefit purposes supported and sponsored by CETF to close the Digital Divide and achieve Digital Equity in California.

Please select the CETF program for your donation:

  • CETF Digital Equity Fund – The Digital Equity Fund supports broadband adoption and digital literacy efforts by community based organization grantees.
  • School2Home – School2Home will support access to computing devices, digital literacy, and parent engagement with your donation.  School2Home is an innovative statewide initiative to close both the Achievement Gap and Digital Divide at low-performing middle schools by integrating the use of Internet-enabled computing devices into teaching and learning coupled with significant parent engagement.
  • Ernst & Young Digital Divide Fund – The Ernst & Young Digital Divide Fund was launched by the Redwood Shores Office to raise money for about 285 Chromebooks for the underserved Ravenswood School District in East Palo Alto.
  • Open5G Partnership -The Open5g Digital Inclusion Partnership Pilot Project identifies and provides free Internet service (1 gig speeds) to students in need and digital literacy training to households that are within their service area. Together, Open5G and CETF work to ensure that the School Districts issue computing devices to students and that a reliable community based organization  is recruited to provide the digital literacy training for the family and assist with the evaluation of impact. Once successful, Open5g plans to deploy in other neighborhoods and on a larger scale.