The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) is the California leader in closing the Digital Divide, promoting Digital Inclusion, and achieving Digital Equity. CETF is highly-disciplined focused on outcomes and efficiency with an overall average 6% overhead, working with a network of community-based organizations (CBOs) throughout California. CETF harnesses the power of technology to empower low-income residents get out of poverty and students in low-performing schools accelerate academic performance.

  • All donations directly support the purchase of computing devices for the most digitally-disadvantaged households to get connected to the Internet and complete digital literacy training to meet standardized metrics for proficiency.
  • CETF manages donations at no cost or fees. Since becoming operational in 2007, CETF and CBO Partners have trained more than 1M residents in digital skills and helped more than 750,000 families get connected. Your donation will transform lives with a very high ROI.

CETF invites you to contribute to one or more charitable public-benefit purposes supported and sponsored by CETF to close the Digital Divide and achieve Digital Equity in California.

Please select the CETF program for your donation:

  • CETF Digital Equity Fund – The Digital Equity Fund supports broadband adoption and digital literacy efforts by community based organization grantees.
  • School2Home – School2Home will support access to computing devices, digital literacy, and parent engagement with your donation.  School2Home is an innovative statewide initiative to close both the Achievement Gap and Digital Divide at low-performing middle schools by integrating the use of Internet-enabled computing devices into teaching and learning coupled with significant parent engagement.