Governor Launches Nation’s Largest Telehealth Network

Source: ThePineTree.net

We have a fabulous array of speakers for our event this morning beginning with Dr. Jack Stobo. I’m sorry, here’s my list here. Dr. Jack Stobo; of course our illustrious Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just joined us; Sharon Gillett from the FCC; Aneesh Chopra, who is our U.S. Chief Technology Officer; Sunne Wright McPeak, who is the president and CEO of the California Emerging Technologies Fund; Margaret Laws from the California HealthCare Foundation; and, of course, Dr. Tom Nesbitt from right here at the UC Davis Health Center.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today because broadband has really become a critical tool in the delivery of health services in this country. At the California Telehealth Network our vision is to create a California in which no matter where a patient lives in this vast state, from rural Modoc County to areas like South-Central Los Angeles, access to the best quality care should always be available.