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Frontier Partnership Grants
Frontier Digital Access Project

This Grant supports the participation of the American GI Forum Education Foundation (AGIF) in the partnership between the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) and Frontier Communications, Inc. to increase awareness and adoptions to help meet the CETF program goal of 50,000 adoptions by 2021. The grant $210,000 grant awarded in July 2016 is designed to achieve 3,500 adoptions. AGIF targets outreach information to North Santa Barbara County low-income communities to provide information about low-cost home Internet offers. AGIF helps qualified individuals and families choose the best plan for them, assists in hems people through the application process, and arranges for a free Chromebook when the subscription is confirmed process.  The commitment is to help reach as many families obtain affordable, reliable access to the Internet and a computer at home, the education foundation strives to help parents and as children succeed in school and be prepared to compete globally in the future.

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