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Get Connected! Fresno

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Fresno Housing planned to connect 161 households by July 2016. This number represented approximately 40% of the combined number of units at Parc Grove Commons (215 units), Parc Grove Northwest (148 units), and Viking Village (40 units). We are happy to report that we have surpassed the original goal and have successfully connected an estimated 183 units (42%). In an effort to expand the reach of this initiative and provide services to a broader reach of families, we believe this number can be improved by increasing outreach.

Basic Digital Literacy training was provided through partnerships with California State University of Fresno, Bitwise, GitHub, and the Fresno County Public Library. We are very happy to report that we had a total of 115 students attend, surpassing our goal of 100. The students learned various topics including; What’s inside a computer, how does the internet work, how will technology change our careers and the world around us, how can you use software to change the future, and understanding their digital footprint.

Get Connected! Fresno - Final Report