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Under the leadership of the Offices of the Los Angeles Mayor and City Council, the City of Los Angeles implemented the OurCycle LA Program, which was expected to: (1) Refurbish a minimum of 2,500 computing devices out of approximately 10,000 salvage computers; (2) Provide Digital Literacy training to 2,500 low-income community residents; (3) Provide 1,250 of the mentioned refurbished computing devices at no cost to low-income community residents that complete basic Digital Literacy training and show proof of subscribing to high-speed Internet at home for the first time; (4) Provide 1,250 of the remaining refurbished computing devices to non-profit organizations that serve low-income community residents; and (5) Minimize electronic waste footprint by recycling all computer devices that cannot be refurbished. The program was also expected to facilitate a minimum of 1,500 new broadband subscriptions at home, provide training on computer refurbishment to 75 disadvantaged youths/adults, and establish 2 full-time positions.

OurCycle LA - Final Report
Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Refurbished Computer Giveaway Event with Mayor Garcetti, Councilman Wesson, and Sunne McPeak