How To Assess And Mitigate Risks Associated With The 3G Shutdown

CETF Publishes a Resource Guide to Assist in Understanding and Navigating the Technology Transition to Avoid Disruption

Cellular companies are beginning the technology transition from third generation (3G) to fifth generation (5G) in early 2022.   To make room for the powerful bandwidth and infrastructure required for the 5G spectrum, the 3G network will be completely disabled, leaving enterprise customers and individuals, who rely on devices powered by 3G, without service in many cases.

The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) in partnership with the Pacific Rim Advisory Group has published new research, Understanding and Navigating the Technology Transition, intended to create awareness and inform readers on the details of the transition to next-generation technology and its potential disruptions.  An accompanying Executive Tool Kit provides actionable strategies to assess and mitigate the organizational risk

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