Vial Awards 2010

The inaugural Don and Rosemary Vial Awards for Digital Inclusion were held on Thursday, December 02, 2010 at the Omni Hotel San Francisco. We thank all who participated to make the event a success, especially Rosemary Vial, our Nominees, and our inaugural Panel of Judges. The Nominees and Winning Recipients are detailed below.

Recipient, Outstanding Performance by an Organization Award

Community Development Technologies Center
Represented by Mr. Ben Torres, President

Recipient, Exemplary Performance by an Individual Award

Mr. Bob Cabeza, Vice President of Community Development
YMCA of Greater Long Beach, Community Development Branch

Organizational Nominees

1 Community Development Technologies Center
2 Computers for Youth
3 Families in Schools
4 Little Tokyo Service Center
5 San Diego Futures Foundation
6 Southeast Community Development Corporation
7 The Stride Center

Individual Nominees

1 Bob Cabeza, YMCA of Greater Long Beach
2 Patricia Celidon, Community Development Technologies Center
3 Kathleen Mooney, Families in Schools
Louis Nava, San Diego Futures Foundation
5 Les Peters, YMCA of Greater Long Beach
6 Emily A. Simas, Computers for Youth

2010 Panel of Judges

Mr. Patrick F. Mason, Ph.D.
California Foundation for the Environment and the Economy

Professor María Alicia López Freeman
Executive Director, Emerita
California Science Project

Mr. Paul Hernández
San Diego Civic Leader, CETF Expert Advisor

Mr. Chet P. Hewitt
President and CEO
Sierra Health Foundation

Ms. Alvertha Bratton Penny
Senior Vice President of Programs
California Community Foundation