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Health, Equity, and Broadband: Outreach and Education

I. Introduction Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP) is a nonprofit with over 25 years of experience in the California health policy landscape. We bring together unique stakeholders in ways others cannot and do not by creating connections, educational opportunities, and resources across sectors, geographies, program […]

Affordable Connectivity Plan Enrollment and Digital Equity Planning

If the federal government’s investments in broadband connectivity are to be effective, different programmatic pieces must work together. Broadband infrastructure funds are necessary to ensuring universal access, but not sufficient to achieve full digital equity. Equitable broadband adoption depends on people having the financial means […]

Reimagining Lifeline: Universal Service, Affordability, and Connectivity

The Affordable Connectivity Program represents an inflection point for Lifeline and universal service. Prior to the pandemic, the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program supported mainly wireless communication services for low-income households; its $9.25/month subsidy resulting in service plans that restricted voice and data usage. To […]

NTIA Access to Broadband 2021 Report

The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to closing the digital divide in the United States. Millions of Americans lack access to the infrastructure, skills, or tools needed to take full advantage of broadband and maximize the benefits that it offers for communities. Passed as part of […]

Affordability and the Digital Divide

The First in a 3-Part Series on Digital Connectivity During the Pandemic A National Survey of Low and Lower-Middle Income Households The COVID-19 pandemic raised awareness of the struggles that low-income households have in paying for basic needs.  The Pew Research Center found that the […]

CETF GoDaddy Venture Forward November 2021 Conversation Presentation

GoDaddy Venture Forward Our goal is to empower policymakers and economic developers with the data and insight they need to better assist the microbusinesses in their communities and the everyday entrepreneurs behind them. This report covers 2021 numbers, new research findings with UCLA Anderson Forecast […]