Under The Radar: How The 3G Shutdown Puts Industries At Risk And Widens The Digital Divide

3G Shutdown

Pacific Rim Advisory Group and
California Emerging Technology Fund


Cellular companies will begin the 3G-to-5G technology transition in a few weeks. To make room for the powerful bandwidth and infrastructure required for the 5G spectrum, the 3G network will be completely disabled, leaving enterprise customers and individuals, who rely on devices powered by 3G, in the dark.
The media messages and online content have been focused on the launch of the 5G network, rather than on the sunsetting of 3G, and the impact it will have the 43.7 million devices that will experience connectivity issues once 3G is shut down.

This document contains information intended to create awareness and inform readers on the details of the transition. It presents research on the scope of devices in numerous industries that rely on 3G and may experience potential repercussions from the 3G shutdown.

The problems are identified, and an accompanying executive tool kit will provide solutions in the form of actionable strategies and tools to assess and mitigate organizational risk.

This content may inspire readers to start dialogues with community leaders, businesses and individuals in California and beyond, leading to collaborations that will prepare communities for the 3G shutdown. It may also raise more questions: What will become of the obsolete devices? How do residents with fixed and low-incomes upgrade equipment?

Businesses leaders may want additional information or need assistance with assessing their risk. Pacific Rim Advisory Group can help.