Governor Signs Digital Equity Bill of Rights Into Law

The California Emerging Technology Fund is pleased to announce that Governor Newsom has signed the Digital Equity Bill of Rights (AB414) into law!

CETF wants to take a moment to thank the Governor, Legislators, and more than 5,000 organizations and individuals who have endorsed and mobilized for the passage of AB414.

Thanks to Digital Equity Champions like you, California remains a leader in the nation as a champion for digitally-disadvantaged communities and unconnected households. Digital Access is a 21st Century Civil Right!

The 10 principles set forth in the Digital Equity Bill of Rights (AB414), ensure that ALL Californians have sufficient, reliable, and affordable broadband that ensures educational opportunities and supports digital proficiency. Further, the principles ensure public safety and maintain peace of mind, improve quality of life, support economic prosperity, attract capital investment, support innovation and research, and empower and enable participation in democracy.

This momentous step to secure Digital Equity in California will be a stepping stone to ensure that underserved and unserved Californians have access to the Digital world.

Thank you for your leadership and commitment to Digital Equity.