School2Home Initiative

Children in a Circle Holding HandsSchool2Home is an innovative cost-effective program that is tackling two of California’s most critical and related challenges: closing both the Achievement Gap and theCongressman George Miller Briefs Comcast Digital Divide by integrating computing and broadband technologies into teaching and learning in low-performing middle schools and providing a unique focus on parent engagement. School2Home provides the essential framework anchored in best practices, formulated around 10 Core Components, to improve student achievement at lowperforming middle schools and provide the requisite platform to help students master competencies under the Common Core Standards. Once School2Home has been fully implemented in all grades, rooting the culture of using technology to engage parents and drive education improvement, schools show significant gains in academic performance that outpace comparable schools and statewide averages. Milestone accomplishments include:

  • School2Home currently is being implemented in 12 schools in 6 districts, reaching 298 teachers and more than 6,400 students and their parents in high-poverty communities: Los Angeles Unified School District; Riverside Unified School District; Oakland Unified School District; Winters Joint Unified School District; West Contra Costa Unified School District; and Inglewood Unified School District.
  • Responses from 1,410 students in School2Home showed: 76% increased computer and Internet use at home to support learning; 76% used technology in writing assignments, up from 60% a year earlier; and 86% accessed the Internet for research assignments, up from 68% a year earlier. Home broadband adoption increased for Spanish-speaking parents School2Home Student Notes - Thank you School2Homeby 50%.
  • CETF is providing input to state and federal education policy based on the success of School2Home. Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson has endorsed School2Home, encouraging funders to invest in the program.

Please read the School2Home:  Empowering Students - Transforming Lives.