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Three Key Takeaways About Broadband and California’s Digital Divide

Stakeholders across California participated in a moderated discussion about the state’s digital divide and its effect on small business. The pandemic exposed all manner of inequalities, including access to high speed internet. Almost a quarter of California households did not have broadband subscriptions in 2019, […]

How California Is Advancing Digital Equity – CETF Q and A with the Pew Charitable Trusts

Although much of the conversation around broadband has focused on increasing connections, experts and advocates have long known that the availability of high-speed, reliable internet is only the first step: Ensuring access will require that consumers can afford their service and acquire the skills to […]

Critical Broadband Access Getting Attention — Finally

Gov. Newsom’s words rang true last month when he stated, ‘access to the Internet is as vital as water and electricity.’ Internet access is a human right, and California must treat it as such. The gaps between the connected and unconnected have never been clearer […]

Getting Across the Digital Divide

NASHVILLE, TN – Americans have been on line a lot more since the pandemic began. Children attended school remotely, people worked from home, telemedicine became a new trend, and all kinds of meetings took place on ZOOM. “For more than a decade the CETF has […]