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Donate to CETF Digital Equity Fund

Dear Digital Equity Champions: Thank you for your dedication to transforming lives through your support of the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF). This message is a reminder to consider donating to the CETF Digital Equity Fund to “Give the Gift of Connectivity” this Giving Tuesday, […]

iFoster Receives $300,000 Grant

"Broadband is a transforming technology that is essential to help foster youth build better lives," said Sunne Wright McPeak, president and CEO of CETF. "With this grant, children in foster care, emancipated youth and their families will benefit from access to affordable Internet service and [...]

CETF Announces Grant to iFoster

iFoster to expand computer and broadband access to foster care community San Francisco - The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) today announced a 3-year, $300,000 grant to iFoster to increase access to low-cost computers and high-speed Internet among youth and families in the California foster [...]

Broadband: The Right Prescription for Healthcare in California

Our ability to connect through high-speed Internet access—referred to generically as “broadband”—is improving our lives in many ways—helping us share information and images, research and apply for jobs, stay in touch with loved ones, and access entertainment and news. Broadband saves consumers time and money, [...]

Libraries – 21st Century Hubs for Digital Inclusion

As renowned California historian and State Librarian Emeritus Kevin Starr has proclaimed, it is time to “reboot California”—literally “restart” all aspects of governance and reform all institutions of government. That includes a transformation of libraries to be 21st Century Hubs for Digital Inclusion—places where the [...]

Get Smart, California—Get Connected!

One of the smartest strategies to spur economic recovery is to get all Californians connected through broadband—high-speed access to the Internet—at home, school, work and in all public places. Today, the ability to be “connected” instantly through the Internet to information, services and digital tools [...]