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Partners in Education

With technology and internet access on high demand during the Stay at Home Order, the work for Partners in Education’s Computers for Families program has greatly intensified. In order to address the great need that has emerged, our program has expanded its services. Typically only available to students, our refurbished computers are currently available to anyone in Santa Barbara County who needs a device.

Founded in 1996, the Computers for Families program was created in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Education Office to provide computers and Internet access to local students lacking these important educational tools at home. Recipients receive a refurbished computer, training, and assistance getting connected to discounted Internet through either Cox Communication’s Connect2Compete (C2C) program or Frontier.

Priscilla’s Helping Hands

Children and adults can familiarize themselves with computer technology. Adults can build their resume, search for employment and participate in educational workshops on topics such as higher education, health, and financial literacy to name a few.