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United Ways of California

United Way’s 211 statewide network is responding to 250,000 calls as Public Service Announcements and is referring callers to Digital Literacy training, low-cost computers, and information on how to subscribe to broadband at home. This project was made possible with generous funding from the National […]

The Stride Center

Increasing broadband adoption in underserved neighborhoods and communities in California through the expansion and replication of its successful workforce development, tech support, and social venture business programs. The program is training and placing 1,350 participants. This project was made possible with generous funding from the […]


Expanded its Refurbished Computer Initiative so that California non-profit organizations and low-income individuals have an ongoing resource for quality, affordable, refurbished computers. Provided hardware, software, connectivity, and training at an affordable cost for people to fully benefit from computers and the Internet.


Providing refurbished computers, free training and technical support to 2,000 families and individuals; 2,700 computers to the Oakland USD; and 300 computers to 5 newly established computer centers.

Southeast Community Development Corporation

Increasing access to broadband and providing training to improve the health and educational outcomes in the Southeast Los Angeles region. The Collaborative is providing basic Digital Literacy to 3,200 youth and adults, preparing 2,700 adults for the workforce, placing 150 in jobs, and assisting 800 […]

San Diego Futures Foundation

The San Diego Broadband Initiative is a partnership of nonprofit agencies that will provide computers, software, training, and Internet access to at least 1,625 low-income families in its first year. This project was made possible with generous funding from the National Telecommunications and Information Agency […]

One Economy

Connected 3,000 low-income households to broadband and began building digital inclusion programs that will function as technology ecosystems for underserved urban and rural communities.


Providing e-learning, basic computer training, and broadband access to 472 residential units in the Lion Creek Crossings development in East Oakland as well as computer access and training to a broader group of residents in affordable housing programs  throughout the East Bay.