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Economic, Environmental Benefits of Broadband

The most rapidly adopted consumer product or service in U.S. history is household broadband Internet access. More than 200 million individuals gained access to home broadband service in less than one decade, far exceeding the previous record held by mobile telephones. Governments, non-profit organizations, private […]

CETF Broadband Usage and Adoption Data Summary

California’s Digital Divide: Computers and Internet Use Public Policy Institute of California – 2007 Data Summaries Organization For Economy Cooperation And Development 2006 Pew Internet And American Life Project Home Broadband Adoption 2007 Public Policy Institute of California: California’s Broadband Adoption And Availability Pew Internet […]

Filling in the Broadband Gaps

Efforts to close the Digital Divide in California have been ongoing for more than a decade. In March of 2006, 84 million homes in the United States had broadband service.  There still, however, is a large portion of the population that does not have home […]