Broadband As A Green Strategy Brief

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Broadband and the Environment: Technology Strategies for a Greener California
We’ve all heard of the ways we can help save the planet, such as conserving energy in our homes and driving fewer miles in our cars. Such common environmentally-conscious strategies become a lot easier when technology supports our efforts. It turns out that high-speed Internet-also known as broadband­can do exactly that.

Today, workplaces, government offices, farms, schools, hospitals, and households use broadband to cut costs and carbon emissions. Internet tools and electronic communications allow Californians to use computers and smart devices to work from home, manage irrigation in the fields, apply for a driver’s license, get a check-up with a healthcare specialist, and monitor thermostats while away from home. When we use less fuel, water, and electricity, we emit less air pollution into the atmosphere.

These modern-day approaches to managing daily life all depend on having fast, reliable, and affordable Internet service everywhere-from the kitchen table to the tomato field. E-Government, Telehealth, Teleworking, Precision Agriculture, Smart Building, and Smart Grid are key opportunities in which Californians are making progress to conserve resources and promote cleaner, healthier lifestyles.

Affordable, accessible broadband is critical for California to meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions goals, which will reduce impacts on the environment and improve the quality of life for all.

The data proves it. Let’s all promote broadband for a greener California!

Broadband As A Green Strategy Brief