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Alex Padilla

Senator Alex Padilla shares a message for all Californians who qualify to Get Connected to the Affordable Connectivity Program and start saving $30 on their Home Internet bill. As State Senator, Alex Padilla authored legislation to establish the California Advanced Services Fund and the California […]

Chuck Washington

California State Association of Counties (CSAC) President and Riverside County Supervisor, Chuck Washington shares a message encouraging county leaders to close the Digital Divide in their communities by increasing awareness of and participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program. CSAC represents all 58 California counties.  This […]

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFLIC) sponsors events to help people with disabilities sign up for affordable home Internet, enabling them to access work and educational opportunities. CETF encourages collaboration with grantees and other stakeholders including Strategic Partnerships with government, foundations and employers […]

Delaine Eastin

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin has served as the Lead Faculty for the School2Home Leadership Academy since 2014.  Eastin has lead several projects with School2Home including participating the annual Leadership Academy where educators and administrators from California Middle Schools gather to share […]

Sophia Mendonza

Sophia Mendoza, Director, Instructional Technology Initiative at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), oversees the integration of instructional technology across the nation’s second-largest school district. CETF is partnering with Mendoza’s team on School2Home to close the Digital Divide and Achievement Gap in middle schools. Her […]

Sam Liccardo

In the heart of Silicon Valley, 50,000 San José households are not connected to high-speed Internet service at home, and many lack computing devices and the digital skills to access the full benefits of the technology developed in the region.  Under the leadership of Mayor […]

Bob Cabeza

Bob Cabeza, who retired in early 2020, has been with the YMCA of Greater Long Beach for 26 years.  His leadership, knowledge and skills have been pivotal to the success of the Neighborhood Transformation Partnership in Long Beach.  In particular, Mr. Cabeza supported the YMCA […]

Cesar Zaldivar-Motts

Cesar is a true steadfast champion of Neighborhood Transformation (NT).  He appreciates the importance and need for strategic partnerships and has effectively communicated it to other partners so that they, too, share a sense of ownership for achieving improved outcomes for children and families through […]

Martha van Rooijen

Martha van Rooijen, Manager, Inland Empire Regional Broadband Consortium, has stepped up to spearhead initiatives with a $500,000 Caltrans grant to promote broadband as a “green strategy” by integrating deployment and transportation planning.

Trish Kelly

The County of Sacramento, the City of Sacramento, and the Sacramento City School District, with the support of Trish Kelly at Valley Vision and CETF have formed a Neighborhood Transformation Partnership to improve the lives of the students attending Leataata Floyd Elementary School and their […]