Category: Broadband Adoption

Partners in Education

With technology and internet access on high demand during the Stay at Home Order, the work for Partners in Education’s Computers for Families program has greatly intensified. In order to address the great need that has emerged, our program has expanded its services. Typically only available to students, our refurbished computers are currently available to anyone in Santa Barbara County who needs a device.

Founded in 1996, the Computers for Families program was created in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Education Office to provide computers and Internet access to local students lacking these important educational tools at home. Recipients receive a refurbished computer, training, and assistance getting connected to discounted Internet through either Cox Communication’s Connect2Compete (C2C) program or Frontier.

Sigma Beta XI

Access to the internet is vital to success in education, searching for a job and accessing day-to-day information.  Unfortunately, many of our low-income families in the Inland Empire do not have access to high speed internet, because of the cost.  Sigma Beta Xi, Inc. has partnered with the California Emerging Technology Fund and various internet service providers to offer low-income families an affordable option to get connected to high speed internet.

Delhi Center

Access Broadband Connect (ABC) Grants Digital Access Project – ABC This Access, Broadband, Connect Grant enables the Delhi Center to promote affordable access to home Internet in Orange County to help meet the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) overall goal of 500,000 adoptions by 2022. […]

Youth Policy Institiute

The Valley Family Technology Project (VFTP) will provide computer literacy classes as well as home computer systems to 300 low-income families. It will also provide broadband access, training, and resources to 450 families who have already graduated from VFTP, and have computers in their home […]

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles

CETF committed $50,000 to support the implementation of ConnectHome LA as a collaborative joint venture among partners to optimize the impact of the project on improving the lives of participating residents. CETF funds were used to engage a Project Manager for 12 months to assist […]

Manchester Community Technologies

The purpose of the CETF grant was to provide partial funding for the Virtual Community Wellness Broadband at Home project. Manchester Community Technologies (MCT) was to: (1) install wireless networks and connecting residential units at two senior citizen housing complexes of 100 units; (2) provide […]

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Under the leadership of the Offices of the Los Angeles Mayor and City Council, the City of Los Angeles implemented the OurCycle LA Program, which was expected to: (1) Refurbish a minimum of 2,500 computing devices out of approximately 10,000 salvage computers; (2) Provide Digital […]

Korean Churches for Community Development

Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) was responsible for providing Digital Literacy classes to 1,700 participants with the ultimate goal of facilitating 833 first-time Internet subscribers to high-speed Internet at home. Digital Literacy training was expected to be offered to parents of students attending Title […]

Kids Progress Inc.

The Smart Housing Pilot Partnership (SHPP), formed by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA), Kids Progress Inc. (HACLA’s non-profit organization), the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF), the Southeast Community Development Corporation (SCDC), and Reliatech worked together to implement a comprehensive technology […]